Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing

Even the slightest hormonal imbalance can cause a number of problems that prevent you from achieving optimum health. That is why we require a hormone assessment as part of our initial screening process.

Learn more about how we use the valuable information from our hormone assessments to create a customized program that produces amazing results.

Hormones Play a Huge Role in Weight Loss

Hormones act as messengers to the different systems throughout your body. If there is a hormonal imbalance, your body will lose the ability to regulate or initiate processes that help you lose weight.

Without the proper balance of hormones, you will struggle to lose weight no matter how much you exercise or change your diet. Hormone therapy for weight loss replaces or replenishes the hormones your body is no longer naturally producing. This will make it easier to lose weight as it corrects the hormonal imbalance.

Why Do Hormone Levels Change?

Our hormone levels are constantly changing. Everything from our gender and age to environmental factors, lifestyle habits, and medical conditions can cause hormone levels to fluctuate.

Some examples of things that cause hormone levels to change include:

Since hormone levels are always changing, our hormone assessment provides us with a better understanding of what is going on in your body currently. We can take the information we receive from the hormone assessment, determine what hormones are missing, and create a personalized hormone therapy for weight loss program that works for you.

What Hormones Help with Weight Loss?

There are very specific hormones that have been linked to weight loss. While we look at all hormone levels in our assessment, we are paying close attention to these specific hormones that are known to affect weight loss.

Examples of the hormones that are known to help with weight loss that we are looking at include:

These are just some of the many hormones that we look at when creating a personalized therapy program for you. During your initial program startup, we will explain our hormone assessment process and go over the results with you so you have a better understanding of what hormones we are replacing and why.

Hormone Assessments Help Us Find Other Therapies That Help with Weight Loss

We really want you to achieve optimum health and wellness. To help you achieve your health and wellness goals, we can recommend other therapies, such as peptide therapy programs and semaglutide therapy programs, that will help with weight loss.

Using the results we see from our hormone assessments we can recommend certain therapies that will help you see amazing and transformational results. Contact us to learn more about our hormone therapy for weight loss programs or our other therapy programs such as peptide therapy and semaglutide therapy