DNA Testing for Weight Loss

Hormone & DNA Based Testing

The days of searching for the right diet to help you lose weight are over. By combining comprehensive hormone lab testing with DNA testing, we are able to take the  guesswork out of dieting. The tests provide us with the information we need to create customized nutritional strategies that produce amazing results.

Continue reading to discover how we are able to find the right nutritional strategy for you based on the results we get from our lab testing and DNA testing.

There is No “One-Size-Fits-All” Solution for Weight Loss

The diet and nutritional plan that works for one person might not work for another. Why is that?

The simple answer: it all comes down to genetics.

There is a direct link between genetics and nutrients. Certain genes can hinder or prevent weight loss depending upon how they interact with nutrients.

Our DNA testing for weight loss provides us with a road map of sorts for your genes. We can see how your genes work and how they interact with nutrients then create a customized nutritional program that is tailored to produce the best results.

What We Learn from DNA Testing for Weight Loss

DNA testing for weight loss gives us very specific information that helps us when creating a nutritional program. One of the most important pieces of information it provides us is a better understanding of how exactly your body  processes and burns the foods you eat.

Your results from our DNA testing for weight loss will identify if specific genetic variants are present that interact with the foods you eat and make it difficult for you to lose weight. Depending upon the genetic variant that is present, we can then make changes to your nutritional program so you are more likely to lose weight.

For example, our DNA testing may be able to identify if a genetic variant known to cause weight gain from saturated fats is present. We can take that information and then create a customized nutritional program that reduces or eliminates saturated fats. Eliminating these foods that are known to cause you to gain weight will help you see better weight loss results.

DNA testing for weight loss can also identify genetic variants that do the following:

With all the information we receive from DNA testing, we can create personalized dietary plans that give you the biggest benefits.

Hormone Lab Panels Provide Us with Additional Information That Helps With Weight Loss

Identifying genetic variants through DNA testing provides us with one piece of the weight loss puzzle. To complete the puzzle, we need to get a full understanding of the body and that is where our hormone lab panels come in.

Our hormone lab panels provide us with insight that we can use to create a nutritional strategy that helps you lose weight. We can identify with our hormone lab panels if there are metabolic syndromes, such as those that cause increased levels of cortisol or adrenal fatigue, that may be present that make it difficult to lose weight. We can also identify if you have certain conditions, such as PCOS, that need to be considered when making unique nutritional and weight loss strategies.

Stop wasting time following diets that may never work for you. Allow us to create a customized nutritional strategy that will produce the best results for you. Contact us to learn how you can get started by taking our hormone lab panels and DNA testing for weight loss.